Our Service Process

Our Process has been carefully refined over the last 40 years to maximize consistency and maintain a consistent reliable turn around time.

Unpacking & Tagging

In the morning packages from the post office are collected up and opened. Shears are each individually tagged and given a number to track where it is in the service process. These tag numbers are added to the customer service record page and any notes from when the service order was placed are passed along and paired with the shears.



Each shear is then checked and a chip is added to the tray to note what issues the shear was having prior to service so the sharpeners know areas to give special attention to these chips follow the shear all the way to final quality control until those elements are up to standard. 


Disassembly and Replacement

Now that the shear has been inspected it’s taken apart and components that are worn out or missing are replaced with OEM parts whenever possible. Things like washers, stoppers finger rests, tension plates and screws. 



Trays of disassembled shears are brought over to our sharpeners who use our specially designed equipment to remanufacture edges in a process that parallels our original manufacturing. Our sharpening machines are water cooled to preserve the tempering of the steel. We use specialized guides to ensure shears are sharpened to consistent angles. Each shear progresses through a series finer and finer abrasive wheels and sharpening stones to refine the edge while removing a minimal amount of material. 



Once sharpened the shear goes through a polish to refine the shear, remove scratches from every day use to bring back more of that new shear feel. This step also highlights any potential inconsistency in the shape of the edge so we can catch it before the shear is reassembled. When they are done another chip gets added to the tray of shears to note which sharpener did them. 


Assembly and testing

Shears are then brought over to our Quality Control department. They assemble the shears and check them on a variety of hair samples for all shears and fur swatches for grooming shears. They also look at the information passed along throughout the process to give special attention to problems identified prior to sharpening to make sure they have been addressed.



After shears pass QC they are cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol to clean off hair from QC and remove any water on the shear left from sharpening and QC. The shears are then oiled with our Precision Edge shear oil. This helps protect the shear from moisture in the air and and lubricate the pivot area.  



After shears are cleaned and oiled they are passed along to our fulfillment team who have prepped outbound shipping boxes and sleeves while the shears were being serviced. The number tags are matched with sleeves which are sorted into boxes to match customer orders. Once the service for the day is packed up and ready to ship out its brought to the post office at 4:30pst on its way back to you.



Most shears make it through all these steps within 24 hours of arriving at our service center. Shears are serviced in a first in first out way to try to provide minimal and reliable wait times. During its time here it will go through several hands and get checked multiple times to ensure the work coming out of our service center is held to a constant standard.